by Mary Montague Sikes

Scenic james riverVirginia artist and author Mary Montague Sikes shows the historic and atmospheric sites along the scenic James River in pastels, photographs and descriptive text. Sikes details the Indian settlements in the deep timber as well as the plantations along the banks of the James. The author’s depiction of the lifestyles and lore of the area’s residents date back to colonial times, through its witness of the Civil War to the modern-day celebrations which delight locals and visitors alike. Scenic James River is a selection from the Snapshot in Time series, an updated re-purposing of the installments in Sikes' classic "HOTELS TO REMEMBER".

A Reviewer Says... A splendid joy to simply page through ... January 10, 2003 ... Mary Montague Sikes offers a unique and breathtaking look at fabulous hotels around the world which is deftly narrated with descriptive, insightful, articulate text, and vividly illustrated with a combination of Sikes's own artwork and a series of full-color photographs…Hotels to Remember is a highly recommended and genuine pleasure for armchair travelers, and an unusual aid and reference resource for planning business and/or vacationing itineraries. (Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA)