by Mary Montague Sikes

Williamsburg innVirginia artist and author Mary Montague Sikes shows landmark Williamsburg, VA hostelry, Williamsburg Inn, in pastels, photographs and descriptive text. Sikes details the design conception, construction and numerous renovations which create the classic accommodation’s attraction to guests ranging from honeymooners to world leaders. From its vantage point at the edge of the restored area, the Inn offers gracious accommodations, elegant décor and delightful gourmet dining. Guest amenities include golf, tennis and luxury spa, with the sites and shopping choices of the colonial village just steps away. Jamestown and Yorktown join Williamsburg to form the three points of the Historic Triangle, and are a short drive from the Inn. The Williamsburg Inn is a selection from the Snapshot in Time series, an updated re-purposing of the installments in Sikes' classic "HOTELS TO REMEMBER".