by Mary Montague Sikes

Jungle jeopardyWhen Dana Sinclair realizes Clifton Wilder is missing, she takes off for Costa Rica to search for him. An apparent kidnapping turns into a jungle adventure that leads Dana and Clifton into the wilds of Guatemala where they discover an unexplored Maya cave and find pottery and walls covered with glyphs. Tyler Hunter wants to save Dana’s sister, Rebecca, from prison, and to do so, he needs for them to find her grandfather’s hidden treasure. An archaeologist on sabbatical in the Caribbean, Tyler intrigues Dana with his knowledge of the Maya. Clifton grows jealous of the friendship which creates tension in the group of four which includes Tyler’s sidekick, Mick. Dana has never doubted her sister’s guilt in the murder of their grandfather on the island of Antigua, but now an element of doubt begins to creep in. Will they escape from the drug lords who are looking for Americans in the jungle? What is the meaning of the black jaguar that follows them night and day?